Who We Are

Richard Haberkern, founder of Inventionhardware.com
Inventionhardware.com was founded by Richard Haberkern, a long time contributor to the Maker community. Richard believes that anyone with a good idea can turn it into a reality. All it takes is a little research, learning and hard work. By building this website, it is our goal to get more people to join us in the DIY (do it yourself) movement.



Makers are part of the team.  Denilson Freitas is a young, enthusiastic experimenter who has been active in the Makerspace community throughout Los Angeles.  Deni, as he is known to his friends will be actively involved in projects here on Inventionhardware.com.  We look forward to seeing what cool experiments and inventions he will be writing about in the future.



We really do give away our components for free!

There are no hidden costs and everything is explained on our rules page.  While this is a business, the people behind Inventionhardware.com believe that makers, inventors and do it yourselfers just like you deserve rewards for hard work.  Everything has value, including your time.  That’s why we are willing to offer you pretty much everything on this website for free in return for sharing your work with others.

While there are some limits to what we will give away, we will try our best to make this website rewarding for everyone.  There is no maximum number of projects you can share and we encourage you to submit as many as you can.  After all, the more you share, the more the entire community can learn from your work. We want you to work hard and also want to reward you for your efforts. The larger the number of components and complexity of your project, the more parts we will reimburse you for. Be sure to check out our rules page before you start your first project.  Please use as many parts as you want from this website and most of all, have fun.

The only thing we ask is that you don’t directly copy other people’s work and try to make your project as original as possible.

With any luck, we will all learn and grow together.