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Stationary Benchtop Tool Stand Storage 4-Drawer Upgrade

The stamped steel bentop tool bases are great for getting your "new to you" tool up and running without paying through the nose for shipping and handling; however, all the cross members and stuff block using the space under the tool for storing most things. I happened upon some full extension file …By: yeltrow Continue […]


Big Dovetail Tool Box

I need a rugged four drawer tool box on wheels to take all the knocks that work can throw at it……putting my hand tools where I need them……to hand.I wanted this tool box to be super strong and had some rough sawn scaffold boards left over from the Scaffold Board shed project last summer………By: Pricklysauce […]


Scribble Pole – a Tool for Light Painting Photography

The scribble pole is a really simple tool for creating some interesting effects in long exposure photography. It is basically a fishing pole with a high power LED instead of the more traditional hook and bait arrangement. I originally created this tool with the idea of swinging the LED above a body …By: tdonoclift Continue […]


Custom Tool Wall

Work space organization should be a top priority for any maker. Having a very small workshop/garage that I share with my car, utilizing every surface is a must. Deciding to move the bulk of my tool storage to the wall not only freed up much needed space on my workbench, but it makes locating that […]



It all began some time ago, when I had to deliver 50 round plaques, The round plaques were made of brass and had to be mounted on a 12" wooden circle.. I decided to use MDF board to mount the brass plaques.. the wooden board was to be stained and finished in Mahogany.. Drawing 50 […]


Hacking Together a Bow Saw (for the 2017 “Build a Tool” Contest)

Building a hacksaw-bladed bow saw from This is a classic design, a simple H-frame held together by some simple mortise and tenon joints and tensioned with some twisted string. This tension is important because these blades are narrow and would likely not stay straight enough to make a clean cut on t…By: Alex.May Continue Reading […]