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Use Your Remote Control In Kodi On Raspberry Pi 3 using FLIRC

In this Instructable, you are going to learn how to configure your remote control to use it with Kodi using FLIRC. If you really enjoy this article, consider checking out my TechWizTime YouTube Channel.And for an awesome source of Raspberry Pi Accessories, check out my Raspberry Pi Amazon List. Let’…By: TechWizYouTube Continue Reading » Instructables: […]


How to Connect Your Somfy Remote to Alexa With an ESP8266 to Control Your Motorized Blinds

As a home automation enthusiast, I wanted to find a way to use Alexa to open and close my motorized blinds. I looked on line to purchase a solution, but found that the offerings were expensive and had somewhat bad reviews. Not wanting to put out the money for a marginal solution, I started exploring…By: […]


How to Pair Between RF Transmitter Remote Kit With RF Receiver Control Kit

DescriptionThis kit functions by controlling appliances via a remote wirelessly using RF. This kit can be controlled by three types of transmitter remote: 100 m1 km3 kmThe receiver provides control of appliances through the relay and the remote are able to control many receivers at the same time ba…By: mybotic Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring


Wifi Camera Remote

In this tutorial I’m going to show you how to make a remote to control your Canon DSLR camera.The remote is connected to your camera via the 2.5mm stereo connector. This will only control the shutter and the focus. Other parameters need to be set manually.I used an Arduino Mega with a wifi shield, b…By: […]


Installing an ITELITE Range Extender on Your DJI Phantom 3 Standard Quadcopter Remote Controller

You have your new quadcopter and one of the first things that crosses your mind is "I need more range !". In this modern era of DIY and learning things on the internet, it’s not so bad gaining an understanding subject matter and learning how to work with things you aren’t familiar with. However if […]