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Make a Pedal Bin From Cardboard

In this instructables I will show you how to make a cardboardpedal bin .When most people thinks about cardboard boxes they think of storing items, shipping items in mailing boxes etc. In the garbage room of my hostel, I found so many cardboard which is thrown away after its use .So I started to thin…By: […]



This is the simplest way you can make a human powered drill machine which can be useful for craftsmen in areas with no network. Its simple to engage and disengage leaving your cycle free to do other things as well…like take you places! Science Behind Components Detail Comparison …By: D art of science Continue Reading […]


Charge Your Phone With Pedal Power

Did your Phone discharged while playing pokemon go? OR It gets discharged while morning cycling.I had found the perfect solution for all of these problem.This is a very simple pedal power mobile charger.It uses a motor for charging our smartphone. HOW IT WORKS? This is a very simple project that…By: pawtanwar Continue Reading » Instructables: […]


AB/XY Guitar Pedal

As usual I like to make things that solves problems for me.This time it’s this, I use a Boss AB-2 pedal to switch between my two amps, one is normally dirty and the other one is clean with pedals in front of it.Then when someone else comes along and wants to use one of the […]


“Screaming EX” Booster Pedal

I wanted a clean guitar booster pedal to give my VOX AC15 tube amp a bit more "oomph" and make it scream and rage. Hence the "Screaming eX" booster was born. It’s a non-distorting (hence "clean") two-transistor circuit, delivering a gain of (on full throttle) about 24 with the current choice of com…By: Kajnjaps Continue […]


Nucleo Guitar Effects Pedal

Playing an instrument like the electric guitar requires a lot of time to practice andimprove your playing skills. Certain styles of playing requires specifc effects. To achieve this guitarists use effect units which are commonly known as effects pedals. An effect pedal is an electronic device that u…By: Guitarman9119 Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring