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Creating Small Radii in Thin Metal Tubes + Werkplaatsidc

In this instructable I’ll explain you how to bend tubes at the IDC in Kortrijk. If you’re looking for instructions on how to bend solid steel wires, head over here.First off here’s what you need:- The tube bending set (plooiset in dutch)- A vise- A plumb rule- A T-square- Tubes Setting up the bend…By: MaartenA1 […]


Pulse Induction Metal Detector With GreenPAK

A pulse induction (PI) metal detector can be very easily implemented with a single GreenPAK configurable mixed-signal IC (CMIC). Pulse induction designs have the advantage of tolerance to ground effects, and work even when submerged in water. It also performs well on non-ferrous metals. This instruc…By: Silego Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring


Texturing Metal – IDC Workshop

with this instructable we want to show you a few tips and tricks on how to paint and texturize metal surfaces.the right color and finish is very important in a product, you can camouflage flaws with matte paints whereas you can see the tiniest imperfection with a glossy paint.BUT DONT WORRY…in thi…By: kev2 Continue Reading […]


Metal Flower Magnet

Fairly easy tutorial on making a metal flower at home. The idea came from a picture of a Water Lily. Hope you guys like it!Materials Needed:Stainless Steel Sheet (24 gauge or lighter)Super GluePaperFine Point Permanent MarkerTools Needed:Tin Snips (Rights and Lefts)HammerChiselPliersBlowtorchScissor…By: adamf135 Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring