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Metal Flower Magnet

Fairly easy tutorial on making a metal flower at home. The idea came from a picture of a Water Lily. Hope you guys like it!Materials Needed:Stainless Steel Sheet (24 gauge or lighter)Super GluePaperFine Point Permanent MarkerTools Needed:Tin Snips (Rights and Lefts)HammerChiselPliersBlowtorchScissor…By: adamf135 Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring


DIY Metal Bending Tool

DIY Metal Bending tool for bending of reinforcing steel, rod, round, flat, square bars.It is very suitable for the making of concrete reinforcement cages.The bender can do bents using the guides of main unitat 7-12-17-22-27-32-37-42-47 cm and with the use of the addition at 5-10-15-20-25-30-35-40-45…By: kess_gr Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring


Heavy Metal Laptop Case

An experiment in creating a textured laptop case. I was going for something that looked like it has been to hell and back… Basically something parents would not approve of.Considering this was my first attempt, I am pretty happy with the results, although I learned, copper or brass would probably …By: rmcqueen99 Continue Reading » […]


How to Make Punched Metal Jewelry – Step by Step Jewelry Making Tutorial

In this class instructor Aisha Formanski teaches you her technique for creating all over repetitive patterns using simple design stamps and graph paper. Create a simple pair of earrings using blanks, or take this technique to the next level and fabricate your next piece from punched sheet metal. The…By: beaducation Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring


DIY Metal Stamping

So I’m all about pushing the limits of DIY fabrication, and the thought crossed my mind to try out one of the more intensive manufacturing techniques: metal stamping! I’ve had quite a bit of experience with 3-axis CNC Milling, so I decided to try my hand at making some stamping dies. I’ll be doing s…By: […]