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Foot Jewelry into Sandals

In this Instructable, I’m going to teach you how to make your own shoes! These sandals are not only completely customizable, but they can also be transformed into barefoot sandals! If you don’t know what barefoot sandals are, they are sandals without bottoms worn as jewelry at places like the beach….By: 18scassidy Continue Reading » […]


Automotive Industry style Life Size Mechanical Platform Robot 6 foot tall in Detroit.

I will build with you an life size robot using automotive parts and adapter plates with some linear actuators I also Now you have th mechanical platform i hope to spread around the world at low cos like Henry FORD did. ( I am in his city, "The D" and did a lot of research […]


8 Foot LED Snowman

I think everyone needs an eight foot light up snowman in their yard. I prefer to make my own decorations(Grinch,MegaTree,MiniTree,Arches,Frames,Roofline,NorthPole) and since the wife has given up complaining about all the lights. Here is how I made this little guy. Materials/Tools To make thi…By: Stryker Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring