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Bluetooth – Crossbow With Arduino

A good project for studying arduino and bluetooth management Materials: – arduino Uno- 2 servos – PVC plastic – stationery gum – bluetooth module hc-05 And so on Design Simple but at the same time reliable designAs arrows I used bamboo sticks and toothpicks Trigger The elastic band is str…By: Niklaxzzz Continue Reading » Instructables: […]


Room Temperature Monitoring Using Arduino and LM-35

In this project we will monitor room temperature with LM 35 temperature sensor. I use a LCD to display the temperature. Make the connections according to circuit diagram and upload the source code to the arduino board. Here i prefer Arduino Mega 2560 board. You can choose Arduino UNO or any other Ar…By: Aman_Kumar Continue […]


Proyectos Arduino

Varios proyectos creados con Arduino para enseñanza de micro-controladores. Estos contenidos son creados por la fundación Costa Rica para la Innovación para la utilización en talleres. Simple Arduino XY Plotter Cinemática para mover un brazo con dos servos Sensores De Presión Con Velostat Cons…By: tomasdecamino Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring



Hexapoduino: Tiny Hexapod 3D Printed, Arduino Controlled BOOGIE BOX: the Electromagnetic Dance Floor Arduino / Processing Audio Spectrum Analyzer The Fibonacci Clock PART 1 – Send Arduino Data to the Web ( PHP/ MySQL/ D3.js ) Plotly + Arduino Data Visualization Program You…By: teknoroman Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring


Arduino Color Discriminator /with Apds-9960

Hi Guys.I didn’t post any instructable for two days. And today we are doing a excellent project. It will be perfect. PLEASE SHARE MY PROJECTS. FOR MORE PROJECTS. Let’s start..:) First: Cardboards and Computes We want to this device can discriminate the colorful boxes, like a fabric. For example g…By: ensarlevent Continue Reading » Instructables: […]