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Power Supply Automation: DPS5015, DP50V5A Controlled by Arduino — Professor Potter

Rui Deng Power Supply Automator, by Steve M. Potter, PhD Last update: April 19, 2017 potterlab.gatech.eduAre you looking for a way to automate the flow of small or large DC currents? Are you building a LiPo battery charger? A remote-controlled robot? Some industrial process or gadget that uses big …By: stevempotter Continue Reading » Instructables: […]


Simple Arduino Camera Trigger

Want to make arty time-lapse videos? Take photos at intervals to show the progression of an event or building something?  Want to find out which neighbourhood cat bully is eating all your cat’s food?  All this and more is possible with a triggerable camera remote. An intervalometer is the general t…By: PKM Continue Reading » […]


Arduino PLC 32 I/O+State Machine+SCADA or HMI

Many ways to program, to control and to supervise an industrial system with arduino. Introduction In this instructable I will deal with:2 methods to program an arduino linked to a sort of machine including pusbuttons, switches and LEDs1- The first method with the arduino 1.6.x IDE using SM librar…By: manu4371 Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring