Transparent Bird

In this instructable you will be making a transparent bird out of thin plastic material.You will need:- Transparent material 1 metre square,- Scissors,- Transparent Tape. Roll Out 50 Cm of Material and Cut With Scissors Roll out 50 cm of transparent material and cut with scissors. Wrap the Tran…By: mark.glickman Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring


Giant LEGO NES Controller

Everything in life is better when you’re using an over sized LEGO version. This giant LEGO NES controller is no different, especially when playing a game of Mario.At the heart of this controller are LEGO™ compatible Crazy Circuits “wired” with nylon conductive tape. The brain is an Arduino compatibl…By: BrownDogGadgets Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring


Servo Bracket

Frequently, I need to mount a servo motor in some project–and it always seems to be a little problem, so I decided to make a "standard" (standard for me) mounting bracket using Fusion 360 (design files included so that the bracket can grow and be modified for future uses). Slide the motor into the …By: […]