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Homemade Turntable

Homemade turntable for vinyl discs Introduction I wanted to show them a turntable or turntable, as they want to call it, done by me in its entirety, and after much work I can say that the result exceeded my expectations. Cutting and gluing I started by buying mdf with the measures that I inten…By: mati181818 […]


Non volatile RAM Upgrade for SNES & SFC cartridges

At its peak, Game cartridges used RAM and a backup battery to save game advances and player profiles. Over time those batteries tend to run out and leak hazardous materials that may cause personal injuries, data loss and permanent damage to the cartridge.With this upgrade you can solve all those pro…By: crowndelorean Continue Reading » […]


Programmable Pipe Lamp

Want to make a cool lamp you can program to illuminate how you want?If so, check out this Arduino-controlled lamp! The goal behind this project was to make an aesthetically appealing lamp out of resources that I had laying around. The main components of this lamp include Kombucha bottles, some pipin…By: jaschenbach Continue Reading » […]


3D Printed PC Speakers

I had some spare speakers around the house from a previous project, so I decided to make some simple 3D printed speakers. – The sound quality was not very important to me, it was simply made as a fun project I know it can definitely be improved and I have some plans for different speaker […]


Paper Mache Gargole

First I start by making the frame from PVC pipe, waterbottles and Tape. You can using packing tape of masking tape. Whatever you have lots of. Reference Material One of the most important things to have before you start any sculpting project is a reference photo. You’ll need one master photo to a…By: Mad Props […]


Spark Plug Puzzle

Puzzles are great! They make you think outside the box. I came across the idea of this puzzle online. Not knowing how it was put together or solved, I started thinking how I would make it. The original puzzle that I saw, only had one locking bar on each side. Thinking that I could make […]


Aquarium Outlet Controller With Time & Temp Events

This controller is designed with the saltwater aquarist in mind, although controlling outlets has much broader applications. I guess I should also point out that this is my first Arduino project, so there is probably lots of room for improvement in efficiency, features and flexibility – I welcome yo…By: NEOgeorge Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring