Parts and Crafts DIY Simple Edge-Lit Acrylic Sign

Parts and Crafts is a non-profit family hackerspace in Somerville Massachusetts. We teach kids to tinker, make and play with electronics, crafts, carpentry, computer programming and more. We’ve developed a series of projects that can be made by and with kids, using readily available materials and su…By: partsandcrafts Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring


Little Gem Amplifier

I needed to build an inexpensive amp to go with the Cigar Box Guitar I built for my girls for Christmas. The inspiration for this project came from Make magazine’s $ 5 cracker box amp. That project was based on the 1/2W Little Gem amp from RunOffGrove. It is a great sounding little amp with […]


The OrangePi Lite

I ordered a Raspberry Pi to be my MQTT server for my Home Automation project. I also ordered an Orange Pi Lite to experiment with it. To my surprise, the second arrived first!A $ 12 Pi with built-in wireless among other options is very tempting – 3 for the price of one!Setting the board was […]