Saw Knife and Leather Sheath

Hey!Once again I had an inspiration to make a new knife, but this time I was lucky enough to have a used saw blade, so I made the knife from it!Tools: Angle grinder Saw Bench grinder Sandpaper Hammer Pliers OvenMaterials: Saw blade Epoxy glue Wood for knife handle (I used oak) Charcoal Nails Vegetab…By: ElmarsM […]


Aligning the Rings to the Planet

The following information is a single lesson in a larger Tinkercad project. Check out this and more projects on Tinkercad.Return to Previous Lesson: Creating the RingsLesson Overview:Now we’re going to align the rings to our planet! The Align Tool The Align Tool can be found in the Adjust menu, a…By: tinkercad-support Continue Reading » Instructables: […]


How to Create a Ringed Planet

Join us in creating a ringed planet! This project is perfect for beginners to gain some knowledge and understanding of the basic tools used in Tinkercad. You can find more great projects on Tinkercad. Introduction Creating the Planet Creating the Rings Aligning the Rings to the P…By: tinkercad-support Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring